Friday, December 26, 2014

And Now for Some Tester Projects!

It's Friday and the day after Christmas, so I hope everyone is taking it easy and enjoying their gifts ... or just relaxing with the day off from work.

Photo used with kind permission
of Ammerican Photography
As for me, wonderful gifts came a little early, in the form of tester finished projects for the book. For those who might not know, I use test stitchers (in varying degrees) for all of my collections. They are invaluable in helping to work out pattern kinks, and each of them always produces projects that are great looking and are a much-sought after tool for others looking to work up the same design. I have had a social relationship with all of my testers for a while, so it always brings me much pleasure to show off their creations.

First up: my friend, mon amie Nicole. By day she's a French teacher (mais oui!), and she's also successfully wrangling three kidlets of her own as well as attempting to have a fiber life (she's become quite the spinner since we've known each other). Quite frankly, I don't know how she does it. I am in awe.

She tested the Leather + Lace Aviatrix Cap for me. Don't you just love how hers turned out? Her lace is slightly more open than mine (different tension + fiber used), and she placed her buttons differently (which look great). I also love this color on her, and her husband is the photographer extraordinaire who took the great photos.

Many thanks to both of them for taking time out of their 3-kid-hectic lives to stage and shoot these photographs. You can find out more about Nicole's project on her Ravelry project page, or search for her Instagram feed under the name massenzifroni.

Until next time ...

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