Friday, December 5, 2014

The Third Design Preview is Here!

Hello everyone! Wondering what we'll be previewing today? Well, wonder no more my dear friends, I present to you the Nichols Cardigan:

This is motif work at it's most sophisticated for a pilot, Ruth Nichols, who was as sophisticated as they came. Born into wealth and privilege in New York City (one of the few of our early female pilots in that category), she graduated from Wellesley College in 1924, but not before defying her parents and secretly learning to fly while she majored in pre-med. She went on to not only hold women's speed, distance and altitude records at the same time, she also dedicated much of her later flying to various humanitarian causes. In 1940 she founded Relief Wings, which eventually became an ancillary relief service of the Civil Air Patrol during WWII. While her death was rather tragic (suicide by barbiturate overdose in 1960), it was her early flying career that I want to celebrate, and do so much more in the book. 

Just get a look at that wonderfully saturated color, courtesy of Karida's dye pot magic over at Neighborhood Fiber Co. This Studio Worsted in the Shaw colorway has so much depth and character, it really made this cardi come to life. Amazingly simple construction makes this project something everyone can make, and the unconstructed nature of the front makes it forgiving on a wide range of body types. I note that the same size is being worn by two different models with very different shapes, yet it looks great on both of them.The front can be worn in several different ways (I show two in this preview), and it has nice drape when not worn closed. The sleeves are deliberately bracelet length. One can make the skirt length longer or shorter, depending on preference.

The back has slight gathers to make the skirt rounded as well as provide style interest, and that's probably the most difficult thing about this project. Otherwise, it's just a rectangle and squares, a rectangle and squares. 

I am incredibly thrilled to let you know that pre-release book sales are occurring! If you purchase the soft cover print book here in my Big Cartel online store for $24.99 + shipping between now and the end of the year, you will automatically receive a free electronic .pdf version. After January 1st, purchasing both together will cost more. Of course, if you would just like the electronic version, you can purchase it in pre-release in my Ravelry Store for $18.99. The full e-book will be delivered at the end of the year; however, purchase either version and you'll receive a sneaky peek first few pages!

I hope everyone is enjoying the design previews as well as the wee introduction to these amazing female pilots. Risking life and limb, they each set a unique bar for courage that is hard to match.

Until next time ...

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